For Emily, being a Realtor is more than a job, to her, it is her destiny and passion. Emily is a 3rd generation Realtor.

Her paternal grandparents were “mom and pop” developers/house flippers/Realtors in her home town of Santa Barbara. Years later her mother became a Realtor when she was pregnant with Emily and is still active in Santa Barbara.

Emily remembers a time in real estate before the internet, when her mom would have to drive to get signatures, a thick multiple listing book was printed out regularly, no links online, and lock boxes had actual keys to open them, not FOBS or bluetooth.

Car phones and fax machines were revolutionary! Emily was always along for the ride, like it or not, hanging at the office, in the back of the car and open houses. She was in it from the get go.

Penciling properties, deciding to hold or sell, musing on challenging tenants, and all things real estate were nightly dinner talk in her family. Emily was immersed in this business her entire life. When she was a little one she had no interest in real estate. As the years went by, through osmosis, real estate settled into her being. As much as Emily thought that real estate wasn’t her path, she finally realized what a gift her lifetime of exposure to this business was, and put that gift to use.

At 25 years old, Emily became a Realtor herself. This was a surprise to everyone, even Emily! Emily took to real estate very naturally, and has never looked back. To her it made perfect sense: real estate is one of the most powerful tools available to empower one’s life and future. Real estate is real, and simply put, makes sense. Helping people navigate the complex waters of something that to Emily is second nature, was a logical and beautiful decision.

The way she runs her business is based on the golden rule,  always treating her clients as she would want to be treated – and she has very high standards.  Emily enjoys a professional yet personal approach to real estate. This makes perfect sense, because she sees real estate as a financial investment that is often times extremely personal and close to the heart.

Emily strongly believes in “quality not quantity” small batch client care.  She is an advocate, consultant, and expert negotiator. When you hire her you are also hiring a project manager, someone who you can rely on, period.  She has your back.  Emily strives to be remembered as someone who not only helped a client make an amazing decision, but supported them through the process seamlessly.  She is someone you can trust, feel confident in, and relate to.

Emily works with all kinds of buyers and sellers, ranging from savvy investors to first timers, and loves it all. Emily owned her own small real estate brokerage, and property management company prior to joining Living Room Realty.  Her ability to swiftly crunch numbers, pencil things out, and speak to the finance brained person one minute, and hop to the emotional and whimsical person the very next, gives her a unique skill set that allows her to assist a wide breadth of clientele with varying needs. Emily has managed several large scale renovations, and small scale remodels for herself and clients.  She has a honed design sense, and knowledge of construction that always comes in handy.

Emily knows that people from every walk of life deserve superior customer service in real estate, and that is exactly what she offers. She is proud to say that 100% of her business comes from referrals. She is an honest, straight shooter who has a great skill for translating the language of real estate to the civilian, which is essential. She loves being an educator, which is at the core of what she does.

Emily knows that knowledge is power. The client should be informed to a degree that allows them to make big choices and feel safe making them. No sales, no pressure, just clear, clean knowledge, information, and sound advice.

Emily is proud of her past client reviews and thanks her beloved clients for taking the time to write them. They mean the world to her. You can read some below, and follow the link for more: profile/emilyordas/

Emily's Testimonials

Emily went so far above and beyond than anything I expected or have even heard of. My mother has been in real estate for almost 40 years and when I told her about the lengths Emily went, she was seriously impressed. Emily listened well to what I was looking for and respected my preferences while also showing me things a bit outside my comfort zone. She was always willing to show a property on my schedule and walked me through the process step-by-step when we started making offers. Once the offer was accepted, she had trusted contacts for inspections and worked quickly and communicated well throughout the process, gathering information for an appropriate negotiation. On top of her professionalism, she's a delight to spend time with! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone.


Our home-buying experience working with Emily Ordas exceeded our expectations in every way. My wife and I had approached buying a home in Portland with no small amount of fear and trepidation. Our budget was low and the market we were hoping to buy in seemed to be moving farther out of reach the more research we did on our own, making home-buying seem like a nightmare of stress, work, and disappointment. Emily changed all of that. Her optimism, expertise, and hard work made it easy to trust her as we prepared to make the biggest financial investment of our lives. Our visits to prospective properties were upbeat and informative thanks to Emily's exhaustive research and intuitive understanding of the market. She knew what to look for, where, when to leave, and when to bid, and usually all before we'd been there ten minutes. Intimidatingly complex legal and financial transactions - not to mention the actual negotiating process - all went smoothly with Emily's help and we never felt lost or in over our heads. Using Emily as our realtor was the best choice we ever made and resulted in the purchase of a home we would have been scared to hope for otherwise. She is a sorceress and we cannot recommend her highly enough. WE LOVE EMILY!

Derrick and Chelsea

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