Loan officer, ex-naval instructor, CrossFitter, horseman—in my world, all of these things take hard work, knowledge, problem solving, perseverance, passion, care, attention to detail and integrity. 

I care about people. I love making something better than it was. It’s important to me to know that the way I make my living makes a difference. This is what motivates me to be a great loan officer for my clients and professional partners for over 10 years.

What am I known for professionally? What do I have a knack for?
I’m not a salesperson, I am a teacher. I love teaching the young or inexperienced how to be confident in stressful times and leading them through the tough terrain to success.

Whether they are first-time home buyers or putting the first rides on a young horse, it’s the same to me. How you go about it is very important. Not all people realize how important these moments are. I do, which is why I feel so passionate about helping people make the most of them.

What am I passionate about personally? What do I really enjoy? What can’t I stop talking about?
I’m passionate about my career and making long term relationships with my referral partners and clients. History means a lot to me and having those relationships and taking care of them is priceless.

When I’m not at work I’m often thinking or talking about CrossFit and Horsemanship. Horsemanship is my number one personal passion. I study with Buck Brannaman, (Robert Redford played him in the movie “The Horse Whisperer”) every summer and spend the rest of the year, in my spare time, working on the things he taught me. I spend a great deal of time dissecting it with my friends around the nation. Occasionally some of us get to see each other in person and it makes for non-stop chatter for an entire weekend playing with our ponies. It’s like we’re working on our PHDs, but with a little girl love for horses.

Crossfit is just incredibly hard for any level of athlete, because you are always pushing yourself faster and harder. As they say, it never gets easier-it only gets faster. It brings the competitive athlete out in me and I guess I love winning.

What is my favorite thing about working at Premier Mortgage?
I’m proud of the level and quality of business that’s closed here in a small, family oriented, local mortgage bank. Our support staff is fun and very efficient. I love that I can hear the staff in the “bullpen” as they work hard closing loans. I love that I can walk upstairs to Lisa, our underwriter’s office, to get her take on a loan that may be a little outside of the box. I love that approvals, loan documents and funding’s all happen right here in the Pearl office. I guess that means I love to have control over my loans to ensure smooth closings and happy clients!

Jen Bell
Residential Loan Specialist
MLO 291215
NMLS 1169



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