For 15 plus years Judy Chapman has provided personal, practiced and professional service to first time and returning buyers, sellers in transition and investors.

Most importantly, while sharing with her clients the tools and knowledge to be successful partners in achieving their real estate dreams and goals, her friendly manner and quick wit have a way of converting past clients into steady friends.

It’s said the real estate market can be as changeable as the weather. No matter the weather or the season, Judy teases that elusive ideal flower out of the ever changing thicket.

Multiple offers, no offers, financing conundrums, condition concerns, investor questions, bank owned, HUD, VA, FHA, whatever—Judy’s focused and accomplished hand clears out the weeds and creates a winning arrangement. Oh, did we mention that Judy is crazy about gardening?

With her husband, three awesome sons and assorted pets, Judy has owned, lived in, gardened in, remodeled and celebrated homes in every quadrant of the Portland metro area. She and her family also spent several wonderful years on a small acreage outside the city, gaining valuable insight into some of the unique issues with rural and small town properties.

Currently Judy is transforming the landscape around her mid-century modern home in the Hillsdale/Multnomah Village area and living life to its fullest—hiking! kayaking!!  brewpubs!!!—in this city and state that she loves. An Oregon native and enthusiast, Judy would delight in the opportunity to share in your real estate explorations, and the life changes to your living room.

Judy's Testimonials

When we needed to sell our home on the west side we had the good fortune to find Judy Chapman through a recommendation from a friend. You hear a lot about realtors who go the extra mile but that normally doesn't include helping move furniture, or providing display items or even bringing her two strapping sons and her husband over to help with the preparation. We ended up selling the house on the first attempt and getting a very good price. Altogether it was as good an experience as I can imagine. I was so pleased I worked with Judy through the next step, which was buying a condo on the other side of Portland. We looked at several units that would have worked but they just didn't meet the fairly stringent objectives I had set.  There was no pressure to buy from Judy. It was "let's keep looking till you find what you want". Well I did find the condo I wanted. The sale went smoothly; I am moved in and happy with my new home. I strongly recommend Judy to be your partner in selling or buying a home.

Lynn D.

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