Julee is a seasoned veteran of the athletic and lifestyle industries.  

She held various leadership roles for global brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Dr. Martens. After honing her business and marketing skills and traveling like a madwoman for 15 years, Julee switched it up and got her real estate license.

Making the move to real estate was not a stretch as she has always loved houses and business and is constantly striving to create the ultimate nest. Julee’s favorite neighborhoods are close-in PDX and she is obsessed with finding her clients their perfect match.

An Oregon native, Julee earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oregon and has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Portland.

Julee loves adventure – especially if it involves traveling to exotic locations, eating exotic foods, listening to foreign languages, exploring desolate beaches with her surf-crazy husband and son, or swimming in warm oceans.

Julee's Testimonials

Julee Bean is an absolute gem. Julee Bean is an absolute gem. As a realtor and as a person. Having moved to Portland from Europe this summer I was introduced to Julee by a friend and instantly knew I was in the right hands to begin my house hunt. Neither of us could have predicted at that moment how complicated the next few months would be—but many house visits, some dodgy old oil tanks, a couple of attorneys and one very unpredictable seller later I finally moved into my new home at Christmas. Through the entire rollercoaster of a journey Julee was my constant guide, trusted support, therapist and positive energy. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone. She won't pressure you, she won't 'sell' you, she'll simply guide you through the process and ensure that you get what you really want at the end of it (even if you kept forgetting what that was yourself). Thank you Julee.

Alison S., purchased in Laurelhurst

Huge thanks to my wonderful agent Julee Bean at Living Room Realty for guiding me through the process of purchasing my first home. She really worked diligently to find the right places for me to view and seemed to know when to let me figure things out and just when to offer her advice. We looked at several properties but I ended up buying one of the first ones she sent me. I landed in the area of town I wanted and within the price range I needed. Julee is a true friend and excellent at what she does. If you're in need of buying or selling a home, I would highly recommend giving her a call.

Billy B., buyer in Cully

Yesterday I walked down stairs into my silent basement after my 3 framers, electrician and plumber had all left and tears came to my eyes. This little project I think has literally saved my life. Your timing couldn't have been better. This project has kept me busy, given me something I could emotionally and physically invest in, challenged me and lifted my self confidence. I really love this adventure I am on and I am thankful you started it all.

Katie G., purchased near Mississippi

We would highly recommend Julee Bean for your realty needs in the Portland area. Based on a recent home buying experience, here are a couple of significant reasons why. First, the Portland housing market was when we were looking (and still is) very aggressive, especially in our $ bracket. In order to be competitive you need a realtor that has your back, is immediately responsive, and can advise you on the options and appropriate decisions that will make the difference between you getting a house, and not getting a house. Julee is all of these things. Second would be guidance and expectation setting. As many of us know in the house hunting process, there is often a gap between what we want, and what we can realistically afford. The process is full of disappointments, especially if you have made multiple offers that don't get accepted. Julee was excellent about keeping us grounded and advising on our options. She showed us houses that aligned with our requested specifications, but also kept options open with suggestions in cases where slight changes in our requirements could open/close other potential markets. Additionally, Julee kept us on track when we strayed into territory where our immediate emotions and desires would have set us up for long term disappointment. In the moment it can be discouraging for someone to tell you "you probably don't really want that house that you really want right now" but Julee did us a favor in a couple instances where we had to take a step back and be more objective about the situation. Thirdly, Julee is hilarious with a great sense of humor and you want to hang out with her. Seriously, she is a pleasure to do business with, never was it a chore to trudge through the process. She's also very professional on all fronts and very tactful in communications, you always know exactly where you stand. We had an all around excellent experience, Julee made it as easy as it possibly could have been. Plus, we ended up on the house we ultimately wanted!

DM, buyer St. Johns

We found Julee Bean after a referral for a different realtor fell through; it was a pleasant surprise. Julee is personable, prompt and knowledgeable about Portland real estate. She is hard working and only had us run to places if it was truly worth seeing; Portland real estate goes fast, so you have to move quickly. Julee has impeccable taste; we trusted her opinion, she was impartial, and led us to an amazing investment property which we have closed on, and could not be happier. We trusted her expertise and enjoyed seeing properties with her each time because she has a great personality. We hope to work with Julee again soon!

Megan B., purchased in Concordia.

If Wikipedia or the dictionary had a picture to define ‘going the extra mile’ then it would for sure have Julee’s photo beside it. As we sat in Germany and nervously tried to envision our future family life some few thousand miles away,  Julee was out viewing houses against our ambitious check list, giving us solid advice as a true professional, a local and as an understanding parent, arranging inspections and contractors and latterly finding positive solutions to visa delays! Nothing was too much trouble. We have moved many times and had many different experiences with realtors but we can say without hesitation that Julee surpassed anyone we have worked with in the past and we couldn't recommend her enough. Working with Julee was like working with a trusted friend with only our best interests at heart. We arrived in Portland and picked up the keys to our beautiful new family house within 24 hours. That's service! Thank you Julee Bean, our new adventure in the US couldn't have had a better start.

Rebecca and Chris J., purchased in Alameda.

As fate would have it, we met Julee while looking at a house for which she was the seller’s agent. We loved the house, didn’t get it, but we *thankfully* got Julee. We were a family of 4 (which soon would grow to 6!) relocating from California to the Portland area. It was a huge and scary and overwhelming process and move for us, but Julee made all of it way more manageable. We knew what we wanted, but didn’t know the area at all. Julee was phenomenal to work with! She scouted places for us online, she viewed many in person and took photos and videos for us, and took local friends on house tours for us, she negotiated firmly, advised us smartly, and was incredibly creative and resourceful. She helped us land our dream house just in time with our tight schedule. I highly recommend working with Julee. Not only is she an absolute professional and really knows her stuff, she’s incredibly funny and kind and an all-around awesome person!

The Hulls, purchased in West Linn

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