Lance Marrs is the proud son of 97212.

He has ventured far and wide gathering ideas and influences, yet the Irvington neighborhood always feels like home. Lance’s heart is planted squarely within Portland. His spirit resides in all stylish, well-designed homes, from whatever period and in any neighborhood. One of Lance’s abiding desires is to see everyone in a domestic surrounding that soothes and inspires at the same time that it represents their individuality. Lance is never happier than when he can help his clients put a personal stamp on their home. He wants his clients to know they’ve acquired more than just a nice new house; he wants them to feel deeply that they’ve found their house.

Lance’s style and intuition are easy to trust. His own style has been influenced by film, music, literature, and travel. He has spent nearly two decades working as a principal broker and commercial real estate developer in Portland and coastal Oregon.

Lance in the news..

Forbes: Top Realtors Say Do This to Get More For Your Home

 A sense of order on shelving, in drawers and in closets is a detail that stands out to potential buyers. “Take the time to color coordinate and thin out your closets prior to any public viewing,” suggests Lance Marrs, principal broker at Living Room Realty in Portland Oregon. 

Freshome: Still Think You Don’t Need a Formal Living Room?

Lance Marrs, principal broker at Living Room Realty in Portland, OR, puts it this way: “Formal living rooms are, well, formal, and very few of my clients desire formalities in the design and functionality of the living room.”

Apartment Therapy: The 10 Questions Everyone Forgets to Ask at Open Houses

What renovations have been done? “Inquire what major improvements were completed during the owner’s tenure,” Lance Marrs, a broker with Living Room Realty in Portland, Oregon, says. “Less is more, but the responses are telling.”

Portland Business Journal: Cash is Still King

“Cash is forever attractive,” said Lance Marrs. He also noted that “sellers like cash because there often isn’t an appraisal.”

U.S. News and World Report: Four Things to Know Before Investing in a Vacation Home.

Do your homework. Local knowledge is everything when considering the purchase of a vacation home,” says Lance Marrs, broker at Living Room Realty in Portland, Oregon.”If you’re purchasing a newly built vacation home, in addition to having it inspected during the inspection period of the sale, check references for the builder and their subcontractors to see if the builder typically builds in that area, specifically if it’s a coastal climate,” he says.

Portland Business Journal: Inside Realtors Battle for Business in Portland’s Tight Real Estate Market

“If you are selling and moving out of state, it’s pretty straightforward. If you are trying to sell and stay here, it’s a sticky wicket,” said Lance Marrs, a principal broker with Living Room Realty. “There continues to be a traffic jam.”

Mosaik Design & Remodeling: Talking Portland Home Trends and Styles with Lance Marrs

“Portland’s creative class works hard and plays hard! Their home life needs to be simple, easy, and stress-free. White walls, modern appliances, quality lighting, smart thermostats, and low voltage wiring are what everybody’s looking for in their new Portland home!”

“Homes have souls. I truly believe this. You can tell upon entry whether or not the owner gets it. The details, both seen and unseen, are what make for a great home.”

Portland Tribune: 2018 Real Estate Market Forecast with Lance Marrs

 Listen to the podcast. Four Questions You Should Always Ask When Buying a Flipped Home

“Inquire with the seller as to whether or not the sub-contractors involved with the flip are licensed, bonded and insured.”

 Good Housekeeping: 15 Things House Guests Are Horrified by When They Walk into a Home

“Discovering large dog beds and cat scratch toys upon entering a home is a turn off. You’re better keeping the bed in a more discrete spot and giving it a wash before people come to visit.” 7 Items You Should Never Leave Out During an Open House

Delicious Food in Your Fridge. “It’s the quick grab-and-go items these naughty elves seem most attracted to,” Marrs notes. No one’s saying you need to go all Mother Hubbard before a showing. Instead, he suggests, tidy up your fridge to the nth degree. The neater and more organized it is, he says, the less inclined food thieves are to mess it up. “And,” Marrs adds, “it’s easier for you to know what’s missing.” Six Things You Can Do To Your Home To Help it Sell This Spring

Make Sure the Windows are Sparkling. “Lance Marrs, a broker with Portland-based Living Room Realty, says dirty windows are one of those quick fixes that can save you from a poor first impression. “Cleaning the windows inside and out will dramatically improve the viewing experience for the buyer,” he said. Don’t forget that windows play an important role in the photos used in your home’s listings, too. “It’s critical that window cleaning is completed prior to professional photography taking place,” Marrs said. 5 Epic Fights All Couples Are Bound To Have When Trying to Buy a House

“The placement of the TV is often a point of contention, as are what to do with bonus rooms,” says Lance Marrs, principal broker at Living Room Realty in Portland, OR. “Lower levels of a home can often be deemed perfect for a ‘cave’ of some sort, but viewed as the prefect creative space for the other.” Death By Décor. 5 Telltale Signs a Design Trend is All But Over

“When all the catalogs in your mailbox feature the same trend, you know the trend is dying a slow but comfortable death,” says Lance Marrs, a broker at Living Room Realty, in Portland, OR.

 Realty Times: Financial Independence Begins With A Starter Home

“My advice is to not look on it as buying your “forever home.” Consider it an investment, a starter home that will pay you dividends over the long haul. You could be creative and purchase a duplex, renting out the second unit to help cover your mortgage. You could be more of a dreamer and buy a fixer-upper and do most of the work yourself. Or, you could buy a smaller house in an up-and-coming neighborhood to minimize your financial exposure.”

Apartment Therapy: 11 Things You Should Never Do at an Open House

“It’s good form and arguably respectful to take the time to remove your shoes when viewing an open house,” says Lance Marrs, a broker in Portland, Oregon. Doing so will show the agent you respect the property—and give you a small edge up against other buyers.”

Househappy: Thoughtful Upgrades to Wow Buyers

“A home that is immaculate, well maintained and thoughtfully presented will create more buzz and get you top dollar. If your home is already in tiptop shape, consider these cosmetic upgrades to kick it up a notch and create that “Wow” factor. They may require a bit more than elbow grease, but will no doubt provide you a return on investment. Survey Pinpoints States Americans Find Most Desireable – and Least Desireable

“Our state offers a wide variety of potential lifestyles. Living in Portland we are fortunate to have nationally recognized restaurants, housewares shops that cater to seemingly every homeowner’s needs and wants, forward-minded residents who care about the environment, and city aesthetics. I could go on and on, as I love my city.”


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