Why I’m a realtor has every bit to do with my past.

I come from a long line of designers, small business owners, advisors, and jugglers (literally). My father, a highly regarded builder in Piedmont, CA, filled my childhood home with blueprints leaving me with a sense of nostalgia anytime I walk onto a construction site. Nothing brings back memories like the smell of sawdust for me. My mother, a therapist for 25 years, taught me the delicate balance of empathizing with others while taking care of myself and managing 10 things happening at once. A skill that has proven quite useful in my career.

When I felt the time had come for me to expand my horizons, I looked North to Oregon and never turned back. I quickly fell in love with my new home and everything it had to offer – from the coffee shops to small businesses, I had found my place in Portland. Finishing my degree at Portland State University, I looked for what direction to go next. Unable to ignore my want to do something that removed me from behind a desk and use my armory of skills to advocate for others, I chose the path of a Realtor. Born with an instinctual will to never stop learning and growing as a person, paired with an inherent eye for seeing the potential in any diamond in the rough, I closed 12 transactions in the first year of my career. What I offer my clients are the tools and information necessary to make an informed decision. I strive to be an ethical resource for those around me. What direction you go is ultimately up to you, I’m just here to guide and inform you along the way.

Whether purchasing a first home, ready to re-experience the thrill of buying and/or selling all over again, or looking to invest in this great state, my purpose is to be your advocate and key support system throughout our exchange and hopefully beyond.

Molly's Testimonials

Molly is fantastic to work with!. She is attentive to small details and on top of timelines. We also appreciated her ability to negotiate. She never backed down and we got everything we asked for! Highly recommend Molly for anybody looking to buy a home in the Portland area.

Alicia & Donald

Molly was absolutely amazing!!!. As two very busy professionals, my fiancé and I did not have much time to dedicate to the house hunting process. Molly made things so so easy! She really took the time to get to know us as a couple and the type of home we were looking for. She selected homes that she knew would fit what we were looking for and made our time worthwhile when touring houses. When we did find something we liked, she went out of her way to make sure we put in a competitive offer without paying too much for the value of the home. In the end we ended up with the home of our dreams! Highly, highly recommend Molly if you want a painless experience and end up with your dream home!

Rachna & Miner

Molly helped my husband and I purchase our first home!. She was so flexible when it came to looking at houses with us and we never felt like we were missing out on getting in to look at a home. She was so responsive and with us every step of the way and answered all of our questions throughout the  process. We would recommend Molly to all of our family/friends. She is a rock star agent!

Kayla & Dallas

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