Hello my name is Sean Patrick O’Feery,

I am thrilled to give you the attention to detail and service that you deserve from a skilled, motivated and intuitive Real Estate agent.  I love this work and will make your purchase or sale to be as smooth, rewarding and exciting and it should be.

  • My business has been built on referrals; over 90% of my clients in 2016 came to me from other happy clients, friends or family.

      What does this mean for you?  I spend my team focusing on you and our sale or purchase, I don’t spend my time chasing down the ‘next’ client.  I hope you will be the next to refer me for it.

  • Integrity is the most important component of my business.  My reputation is a reflection of the integrity I bring to my work and I work hard to earn it.  You can count on me to give you my honest and informed opinion that will serve you first.  My fiduciary responsibly is to you; my client and I hold this ideal to the highest standard.
  • Communication is essential!  I will provide for you complete and timely information so you can make good decisions.  I will keep you informed to the next step and beyond at every point of the process from the introduction meeting to the closing and beyond.
  • Negotiation skills in this business are a must; I will be a fierce advocate for you throughout the process.
  • I am always seeking to refine my practice, learning new tools or to solidify my knowledge of our market, neighborhoods and the inventory.  You can count on me to be informed, skilled and up to date with the latest search and marketing tools.
  • I want to maintain our relationship to continue and to be a valuable resource for you.  I love to be of service.

As your buying agent:

I am dedicated to having you feel cared for before, during and after the purchase.  I meet clients where they are at and find out how I can provide the best service. Every purchase is individually tailored to each buyer. My priority is to find the home you love in the best condition for the best value.

As your selling agent:

I am dedicated to having you feel cared for before, during and after the sale. I will work closely with you to identify your priorities. A complete marketing plan supported by the brokerage best know in Portland for marketing tools, skills and style will serve you well. My consistent focus on every sale is to get you the best return from the most qualified buyers for the sale of your home.

My neighborhoods:

I live on the East Side and know the areas from Gresham to inner East Side like a well warn glove. I love to work, shop and spend time on the West Side. I know the nuances of the West Side communities from downtown to Hillsboro. Oregon City is a great community and Tigard is no stranger. For me, it’s about finding what is best for you in the greater Portland area. I happy to introduce you to the unique communities that make this area so great!
If you want to know a little more about me- I love, live and breathe Real Estate.


I built a home with my dad. I know what a quality build looks like and some things to watch out for. The inspection period in sale or purchase of a home is an opportunity for me to shine.

I have recently remodeled two homes with my wife and we own a couple of great rentals. Maintaining great relationships with vetted contractors is a must in my life and work.

I spend winters watching the snow reports of Baker, Steven’s, Crystal, Brundage, Meadows and Mt. Bachelor. Photo is circa 1993 coming down from Camp Muir on Mt Rainier… in Oakley Blades.

This is my wife. This is my child. My pets. My family.

If you would like genuine, focused and sincere representation in the sale or purchase of your home please call or email, providing excellent service has been a long-standing source of pride.

Sean O’Feery

Sean's Testimonials

Sean was amazing to work with. From our initial meeting to handing over the keys to our new home, he was patient, positive, professional, calm, and supportive. He always made himself available and was willing to spend several Saturdays and weeknight evenings seeing houses with us. Communication was very easy as Sean was extremely responsive to emails, text messages, and phone calls. We are new to Portland, and Sean was a terrific resource when trying to decide which neighborhood we wanted to buy into. From the size and price of a typical home to the schools to the best neighborhood restaurants and bars, Sean knew it all. Sean knew all of the right questions to ask and we are thrilled with the home that we purchased. We cannot recommend Sean highly enough!

Carolyn B & Rob D

Sean is the Real Deal!. We connected with Sean as we moved from Chicago to Portland and he could not have been a more ideal agent for us. He immediately connected with us and identified exactly what it was we were looking for and made sure to understand our wish list and priorities. Searching from out of town became a breeze with the property updates he would send to us and his willingness to go get eyes on places we liked. When we finally did get in town for some real live house hunting, he even picked us up at our hotel and carted us around for the weekend. Sean is amazing and it would be to your advantage to have him on your team. Once we found a place, his professional opinion and knowledge of the market put us on a path to a successful purchase. He was with us every step of the way and always put our interests at the top of his list. I cannot stress enough that Sean is an amazing real estate agent and he will work for you. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and cannot thank him enough.

Justin P

We met Sean during an open house as my girlfriend and I were on a house hunt. He left a great impression being real, transparent and open and we soon connected with him again for an initial conversation. Impressed with the information he provided and his great attitude we were soon hunting for houses together. Sean has been a huge asset throughout the entire process. He’s extremely helpful, always available for questions and advise, has an excellent eye for detail and always follows up. During our search we’ve scheduled a lot of visits and if timing was tight Sean would always take a first look for us already. We’ve made several offers and Sean’s open style ensures good communication lines with the other party. He’s guided us through the inspection process, helped arrange quotes for potential repairs and has been really helpful in getting all the information together in a time-efficient way – again, all with great eye for detail. Sean loves houses, understands the market, and has fun doing it all – another reason why he’s great to work with. We got the offer accepted on our favorite house and just last week signed the closing papers and received the keys – we love the house! Thanks Sean for all your help – much appreciated!

Nol and Stacy

Sean O’Feery is completely wonderful. This was my first home buying experience, so I needed a good bit of hand-holding through the process. From the very start he was communicative, helpful, and super responsive. He tells things like they are and when you're going into such a huge endeavor as buying a house that's crucial. He took care of so many things and kept me in the loop so well that it almost made the process feel easy! With Sean's help I bought an amazing house in the neighborhood I had hoped for, and am super happy with how everything went. He is a gem!

Emily L.

Sean has the cool-headedness of a zen master. The home buying process can be an emotional roller coaster and problems can spring up without warning much like ninjas during the unrest of the Sengoku period in the Iga Province of Japan. Without Sean’s professional guidance and emotional support, we would have been completely nervous and slack jawed going through the process. When Sean is your real estate agent, you get:

  • Help when you have no idea what you are doing
  • Someone who stays in contact with you
  • An expert who knows ALL areas in Portland (this is a big deal because there are more hot neighborhoods than Voodoo donuts)
  • A genuinely nice person (he won’t judge you if you want shag carpeting and a mirror over the bed)
  • A complete professional who knows how to do paperwork and submit everything in an orderly fashion (hello DocuSign)
  • A person you can trust to meet the inspector and anyone who needs to come over to the house (he met my mother and impressed her socks off, which never happens!)
In summation, Sean’s yoda-like temperament helps you get through the home buying process without you losing your mind. If you don’t know what you’re doing, go see Sean. If you do know what you’re doing, go see Sean anyway. Buddha has been quoted as saying, Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. The next best thing is to just contact Sean. He can help.

Faith M. and David H.

As first time home buyers, Sean O’Feery introduced and coached us through an extremely challenging market with extensive resources and professional responsiveness. Best of all, his personal approach to client relationships made the difficult times manageable—keeping us motivated to continue push forward. We are madly in love with our new home and could not have done it without Sean's dedication and creativity to make the deal happen." Thanks Sean!

Andrew and Virginia B.

Sean—We are excited to get the keys to the house and start schlepping! . We've been working with you for about a year now, and throughout that time you have been totally amazing to work with. Responsive, communicative, insightful, gently realistic, calming, positive, professional, always going the extra mile and with a really great attitude to top it all off. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with you, and I am very happy to now call you a friend as well. Thank you for all you have done for us and our family. We are extremely grateful to you.

Ryan R. and Nicole N.

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