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3 Reasons Why Most FSBOs Fail

Melissa Dorman

Do you really save money by cutting out the commissions? In the age of Zillow and...

To Flip or NOT to Flip

Bobby Curtis

That IS the question. It’s always a pleasure to join Tra’Renee on Afternoon Live to chat...

5 Ways Rising Interest Rates Will Impact You

Melissa Dorman

The federal reserve recently raised the prime rates again this week with the intention to make...

Shop Talk, Vol. 7: Fall Home Maintenance Projects to Do Before Winter

Aryne + Dulcinea

Portland’s fall season is dreamlike, with brightly-hued autumn foliage lining the city’s streets. The air never...

4 Ways Coast Living Improves Your Health

Tosha Reinmiller

Doctors orders! Besides just providing a beautiful background, the coast offers an abundance of health benefits....

New Series: House Hunter PDX

Eldridge Huntington

"'House Hunter PDX' will make you a local in no time, before you've even arrived! One corner at a time, find out where, and how, real Portlanders eat, drink and live!"

October 2018 Portland Real Estate Market Report

Ross Seligman

September 2018 is a Neutral market* Home For Sale in September 2018: 14910 units. • Up...

MCM Neighborhood Argay Terrace

Jennifer Johnston

“MCM” neighborhood Argay Terrace 1950 through the 1970’s, known as the Mid Century Era, Portlanders moved...