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By Becca Barron, October 2, 2018

Portland has it’s quirks, but it’s generally been a good place to stray from the straight-and-narrow.

We have a bevy of art festivals, like TBA and the Winter Lights Festival, and a ton of movie festivals, from Hump! to Portland Horror Film Festival. It’s a good place to be a maker of cool art.

The Portland Queer Film Festival is in it’s 22nd(!) year and going strong as ever. It shows from September 28th-Oct 4th, so you are just at the tale end so don’t miss it before it’s gone! All the films are being shown at Cinema 21, and includes incredible stories across the spectrum of the queer community.

“Transmilitary” tells the story of the nearly 15,500 transgender persons serving in the US Military in secrecy abut their identities. With Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed in 2016, many people are still concerned about their future, especially with the Trump administration vowing to bring back the ban.

“Tucked” is a tale of a drag queen given a six weeks to live. With that time all he wants to do is perform his act and move along as if normal, however that plan is turned upside down by the friendship of a young drag queen and the reconnection of his estranged daughter.

“Ideal Home” is undoubtably the most Hollywood friendly film being shown. Two affluent gay men have their dinner party, and lives, thrown awry by the arrival of a grandson they never knew about.

Ticket info and more can be found HERE!

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