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Nothing but Net for Kelly Elementary & Bernadette!

By Erika George & Kari McGee, March 1, 2018

Meet the amazing Bernadette.  We had the good fortune of getting to know Bernadette when we helped her sell her old house and buy a new house in 2014, and we’ve had the privilege of keeping in touch with her as she created a whole new life.  And we mean WHOLE. NEW. LIFE.   You name it, Bernadette was dealing with change with a capital C!

So when Bernadette called us late last fall, to see if we might chip in to help her start a basketball league for the students at Kelly Elementary School in the Lents neighborhood where she teaches PE, we said HECK YAH!

Bernadette, a former high school varsity basketball coach, 12 year Portland youth basketball coach, and one of the co-founders of Grant Youth Basketball, was in her 2nd year as the PE teacher at Kelly Elementary School, when she noticed an interest in basketball.  Now those of you who have kids who love sports, probably take for granted the various basketball program choices we have in many Portland schools and neighborhoods, but this was not the case for Lents.  There are few options for the kids in Lents to play on a basketball team so Bernadette posted signs in the gym to gauge interest and there were about fifteen or so names of 3rd-5th grade students who signed up.  Bernadette decided that was enough interest to start a Kelly Elementary Basketball League for her students!

Fifteen interested kids quickly grew to seventyfive – eight, nine and ten year-old boys and girls who are participating in the new Kelly League this year, thanks to Bernadette’s intrepid spirit.

Besides developing great basketball skills and love for the sport, there are loads of other benefits to these kids who are participating.  One of the best benefits Bernadette has noticed are the many new friendships that are developing among teammates.  Players also learn about making a commitment to a team; about working hard and about setting goals.  They learn how to win and lose gracefully and how to be a supportive teammate.

Most players in this community have never had the opportunity to play on a team so with our help, Bernadette was able to fundraise over $3,000 to get this program off the ground.  Our support, along with a few other wonderful small Portland business owners, allowed the new Kelly League to purchase uniforms for their players, and cover league fees of $400 per team, for 6 teams!

So how are they doing?  Take a look and see!  Nothing but net, baby, nothing but net…


Erika + Kari

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