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Armchair House Buyers are our Specialty!

By Erika George & Kari McGee, October 9, 2018

You’ve hear of armchair quarterbacks, but, have heard of armchair home buyers?  

It is all the RAGE (especially if your zip code begins with 9-3). Case in Point: Our Bay Area clients, Michael and Stephanie, just closed on this beautiful, brand new, Earth Advantage home in the heart of the Hawthorne/Tabor neighborhood.

Michael and Stephanie have lived and worked in the Bay Area for the last twenty years. They recently decided to move to Portland for a new (and hopefully improved) quality of life.  Like many of our out-of-state buyers, they were able to make this move without leaving their current jobs. Thanks to modern technology, this kind of workplace flexibility is becoming increasingly common. In addition, Michael and Stephanie were able to purchase a house while still living in California. Buying a house when you’re not physically “here” is challenging, but we have a lot of experience in this department! Just as modern technology makes it possible for Michael and Stephanie to work from Portland, our technology tools (virtual meetings, DocuSign, FaceTime, etc.) make it relatively easy to purchase a home from afar.

Of course, being an “armchair” buyer is not the same as purchasing “sight unseen.” We always recommend at least two trips to Portland to get familiar with inventory and get a feel for Portland’s neighborhoods. Then, once we have helped you find your home, we recommend at least one trip to Portland, either right before or right after you have an accepted offer. Other than that, the majority of the legwork can be done from the comfort of your current home.  It really is that easy!

Congratulations Michael and Stephanie and welcome to Portland. We know you are going to fit right in!

If you are considering a move to Portland, or know someone that is, please reach out to us—we’d love to provide you with the information you need to determine if a move to PDX is right for you!

Erika + Kari

Broker | Esquire & Principal Broker

The HouseLovePDX Team fuses comprehensive real estate knowledge and legal expertise in the dynamic landscape of Portland, Oregon.

Realtor Erika George brings to the table 20 years of experience as an attorney specializing in construction and contracts. Principal Broker Kari McGee has helped clients successfully navigate the evolving Portland real estate market since 2005. Regardless of the market or your particular circumstances, these highly skilled real estate agents will ensure that your goals become your reality. WHAT WE KNOW We know that real estate is not a one size fits all endeavor. It’s easy to find real estate data on the internet these days, but it’s what we do with the data that counts. HouseLovePDX provides a thoughtful and proactive analysis of current market data for every one of our clients. We know that small details can make a big difference. We consider factors you may not be aware of when buying a house, selling a condo or planning an ADU. From open permits to missing credits on escrow statements, these issues can cost you money. Let us guide you through the real estate process, from big picture dreams about your future home to the nitty gritty of contract negotiation. We know that your “why” often comes before your “how” in real estate. We take extra time with our clients to fully understand all the reasons why you want to make a move to, from or within the Portland area. We use this insight as the key to develop a comprehensive plan for you. Don’t be surprised if we start our meetings by delving deep into your real estate knowledge, your past experiences, your goals and your dreams! WHAT WE LOVE It’s a privilege to help a client sell a beloved home and move on to the next chapter of life. We love seeing Portland, neighborhood by neighborhood, through the eyes of someone who is new to the area and full of excitement. As Northwest natives who grew up together (we’re cousins!), our love for Portland runs deep. And we adore the the moment when a buyer walks into a house and we all know it’s the one: aka HouseLove! We would be honored to help guide you through your changing real estate needs in Portland Oregon. CONTACT Erika George and Kari McGee 503.349.5449 | 971.322.6612
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