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Bumpers, gravestones, cats and wine

By Carly van Aart, May 22, 2018

Cheryl wanted to buy a house but further more she wanted to experience an adventure during her house buying journey. Most people that I have the pleasure of helping prefer that things be as drama free as possible but not this girl. From tour number one our pursuit of adventure did not disappoint. A loud grating sound pierced the silence of my stealthy Prius as we attempted to pull away from the office to embark on our house-hunting mission. It was the rear bumper. Pulled off the car by the high curb and now laying on the ground. Despite a chill in the air Cheryl jumped out of the car with me and we proceeded to push, pound and kick the thing back on. As we finished and started to walk toward our respective car doors a group of screaming women came rushing down the stairs of a house adjacent to the car. It took us both a few breaths to realize that they were actually cheering for us. They were so impressed by our kick-assery that they bestowed upon us a bottle of Tempranillo.

Next stop – the graveyard. It was the oddest little place. A shotgun layout with an “ADU” in the rear.  An extraordinarily roughed up ADU that appeared to have played host to floods and fires alike yet still the listing agent insisted that someone had just moved out. Yikes! When we walked back to the front yard our judgement may have been a bit clouded by the noxious fumes from the mini-house but Cheryl was convinced that the stone pavers in the yard were headstones. Could happen I suppose but 2 houses off Powell seems like an odd places to store remains so obviously.

Our initial tour fell flat with only one slightly tempting house in the bunch. It wasn’t long after though that Cheryl honed in on what she wanted though…a duplex…and find one she did. In a flash we drew up an offer on a stellar property with two awesome units and before we knew it we had our trusty and awesome inspector Chris with Blue Roof Inspections over to poke around the place. Of course we decided to throw the seller’s ridiculously friendly cat in the mix. Chris was very patient as he cruised through his inspection pics while Cheryl listened as intently as she could whilst a cat crawled upon her head. Again, anything to throw a light sprinkle of adventure into the mix (or at least just make it somewhat odd and memorable).


Inspections were satisfactory and we marched on through a rough and tumble appraisal and a signing performed remotely by a friend while Cheryl was in Mexico until finally we arrived at closing at which time we celebrated that her particularly fun house purchasing process was complete. I visited Cheryl’s old place to bestow upon her the keys to her new digs and we popped open the special bottle of wine and let me tell you, it wasn’t fancy but it was the very best Tempranillo that I’ve had to date. Thanks, Cheryl, for bringing levity, joy and laughter into this business that at times can be quite serious. It was a true pleasure and I wish you all the good things in your new home!

If you have interest in an enjoyable house buying or selling experience please give me a shout. Smooth or adventurous I’m here to deliver the service that suits you best.

Carly van Aart

Earth Advantage Broker

Real estate has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. As a child I filled notebooks and whiteboards with plans of dream homes and tree fortresses and when asked what I wanted to do for my sixteenth birthday my one desire was to go house-hunting. In addition I have a strong affinity for helping and advocating for others. Nothing lights up my world like serving someone in a way that leaves them beyond satisfied! Needless to say, as a realtor I have the incredible opportunity to serve my clients with a decision that for many, is one of the largest that they will make in their lifetime. Whether buying for the first time, selling a cherished family home or relocating to this fantastic city, it is truly an honor to see my clients through their transition and make the process fun and painless. A native Alaskan, I grew up hauling firewood, working the garden and tending to the family rabbits. My childhood taught me the meaning of hard work and for that I am very grateful.  These days I am a lover of dog kisses and outdoor adventures. I dabble in triathlon and enjoy helping fundraise for local charities. I am extremely close to my incredible family even though they are spread out across the west coast. I look forward to the opportunity to foster a relationship with you and help you make your real estate dreams a reality!
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