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Diane Moreau: Our In-House Magician

By Julee Bean, October 23, 2018

I feel like she is still here, but in a different office than the one I am in today.

Diane Moreau used to toggle between all of our Living Room offices, and I still expect to see her. Hauling all her shit around. Talking on her blue tooth, trailing a scattered tangle of valuable lessons. She was our shepherd and we were her flock.

There is no doubt in my mind that Diane had magic powers. She had a special torch she used to illuminate our strengths as well as our weaknesses. But it didn’t sting when it became evident that you were being the ass in whatever situation you found yourself, it motivated you to be better — to your clients, at your job, just better. 

She used some sort of drama-removing device that sucked toxic emotions out of wobbly transactions. You’d make the frantic call and in 5 minutes, she would have helped right the ship.

The special prism she used was my favorite. She would point it toward you and tip it just so, and you could see your POWER — that power that sometimes gets buried deep. It is almost like a SLAP! and then the rush of strength and confidence — bursting with the feeling that you could do anything. And you could. And you did.

How is it that a woman with 130 kids/agents always had time for the questions, the late-night phone calls, ALL THE CRISES? It truly seemed like she had more time than we did — like she had 48 hours in her days. She didn’t, yet she always had the time.

Although it is not at all the same without her roaming our hallowed halls, I know I am changed for knowing her and for that, I am deeply grateful.

Cheers to you, Diane. Thank you. It was an absolute pleasure.

Julee Bean


Julee is a seasoned veteran of the athletic and lifestyle industries.   She held various leadership roles for global brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Dr. Martens. After honing her business and marketing skills and traveling like a madwoman for 15 years, Julee switched it up and got her real estate license. Making the move to real estate was not a stretch as she has always loved houses and business and is constantly striving to create the ultimate nest. Julee’s favorite neighborhoods are close-in PDX and she is obsessed with finding her clients their perfect match. An Oregon native, Julee earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oregon and has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Portland. Julee loves adventure – especially if it involves traveling to exotic locations, eating exotic foods, listening to foreign languages, exploring desolate beaches with her surf-crazy husband and son, or swimming in warm oceans.
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