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Seastar gains my breakfast devotion

By Carly van Aart, August 14, 2018

It was always easy for me to hone in on my preferred meal on the breakfast menu. Anything that didn’t include syrup, jam or sugar was a no go. Sweet over savory every day of the week. Hence my surprise when I ditched my strawberry filled crepes and french toast soaked in syrup and replaced them with veggies on top of veggies with an egg topped with seeds with a side of greens…for breakfast!  Yeah, that happened. It happened once and then twice and now I can’t stay away for more than a week.

Seastar Bakery and Handsome Pizza delivers delicious breakfast and baked goodies by morning and sourdough crusted pizza by night.  Just a block from my new abode and their wood fired fare has become a staple in my diet and a fixture in my life. I’m that girl proudly sporting a bright salmon colored tank top around town. It’s the one with their animated cartoon logo splashed across the front of it. I’m the one bringing all my friends along to frown at the menu getting discouraged because they don’t see the classic bacon, eggs and country fried potatoes that they are used to ordering yet stoked to come back after scraping the last bits of smoke kissed egg and veggies from their bowl.

So here’s a big shout out to the place that has re-framed my take on breakfast. Now I can rationalize my pancakes for dinner assuming that I’m not gobbling down one of their delicious sourdough crusted white pizza creations. All the love, Seastar and Handsome, all the love.

Carly van Aart

Earth Advantage Broker

Real estate has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. As a child I filled notebooks and whiteboards with plans of dream homes and tree fortresses and when asked what I wanted to do for my sixteenth birthday my one desire was to go house-hunting. In addition I have a strong affinity for helping and advocating for others. Nothing lights up my world like serving someone in a way that leaves them beyond satisfied! Needless to say, as a realtor I have the incredible opportunity to serve my clients with a decision that for many, is one of the largest that they will make in their lifetime. Whether buying for the first time, selling a cherished family home or relocating to this fantastic city, it is truly an honor to see my clients through their transition and make the process fun and painless. A native Alaskan, I grew up hauling firewood, working the garden and tending to the family rabbits. My childhood taught me the meaning of hard work and for that I am very grateful.  These days I am a lover of dog kisses and outdoor adventures. I dabble in triathlon and enjoy helping fundraise for local charities. I am extremely close to my incredible family even though they are spread out across the west coast. I look forward to the opportunity to foster a relationship with you and help you make your real estate dreams a reality!
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