Blog Stories Millennial's and the Market: is the struggle real?

Millennial’s and the Market: is the struggle real?

By Jake Goodson, March 12, 2018

You can say what you want about Millennial’s: I am seeing a lot of level headed, emotionally intelligent young adults coming up in the real estate market. I am seeing more and more of them come to us to by their first homes.  When I see a “kid” in their mid twenties buying their first homes in a market that is this savage, all I can do is smile and give them respect.  Its tough out there for a first time buyer with 3-5% down.  Its tough out there with 20%!  But that is the new normal, and the the playing field is level enough.  No excuses you just have to roll your sleeves up and get to work.  And have a good handful of offers get rejected.
Im not going to bore you with stats from the NAR, but they are the largest segment of the home buying populace.  That’s a good thing. These kids have their shit together!  Buying your first home before you have an expensive wedding and kids makes a lot of sense if you ask me.  And I love how mellow and unflappable these kids are.  They are super resilient and fun to work with.  Not entitled at all.  If anything its the other generation out there that are entitled, mostly mine!
ANYWAY Ill get off my soapbox now. Congrats Sarah!

Jake Goodson

Earth Advantage Broker

A lot of my energy goes to helping others: helping my daughter grow up, helping my clients reach their goals and helping my colleagues grow as agents and people.  I have found that giving of myself, my gifts, my time, my talents, is what I am here to do. The meaning of my life starts with giving myself to others. It's there, in that space of love and sacrifice that I have found incredible abundance. All the touchy feely stuff aside, (I’m not a hippy I swear!) I have spent over 14 years being a real estate agent. In today’s hectic marketplace being someone who has the experience, commitment, and know-how will help you navigate the world of real estate. The art of orchestrating a transaction is what I enjoy about the profession most. There are also times during the lifecycle of a transaction when it stalls or hits the wall.  I have a knack for creating solutions in these situations. Perhaps more importantly, I never let emotions or my ego get in the way. I also specialize in the creative aspects behind inexpensive transformations that can, in many cases, trigger higher selling prices for listings. I posses a unique ability to manage full scale property renovations and have a good eye for design, placement of furniture, and art. Graduating from the University of Oregon with honors in English and Creative Writing helps with the contracts: a little “creative writing” never hurts! I was born in Santa Rosa, CA and moved to Oregon at a very young age, but went to high school in Oregon, California and Washington. I did a brief stint in the Bay Area after high school and am now finding that the people I met at house parties in the early 90’s are moving up here now. Go figure! Outside of work I try to enjoy all that Oregon has to offer: surfing, snowboarding, skating, you name it. I have traveled all over the globe and can honestly say this is my favorite place on earth. I still need to get that snowboarding/Onsen trip to Japan in though. Oh and maybe a sabbatical in New Zealand & Australia. We will see... Last but not least spending time with my darling daughter Celine is my greatest joy. You may see us biking around PDX or running around near our beach house in Manzanita. If you are looking to make room to live, give me a call. Jake Goodson 503-730-8677 Cell
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