Blog Stories Curb Appeal Vol. 4: Portland Neighborhood Spotlight – King

Curb Appeal Vol. 4: Portland Neighborhood Spotlight – King

By Aryne + Dulcinea, June 14, 2018


Portland’s King Neighborhood serves as a prime example of the complicated social history that permeates Oregon. Once a designated district for redlining, professional organizations would penalize realtors for selling homes to African-Americans outside of the district. Consequently, King has served as a cultural hub for Portland’s black community for many decades and still maintains a distinct population of socially-minded and multi-cultural residents.



Portland’s King Neighborhood has demonstrated steady growth in the real estate market for nearly a decade. The area features an eclectic collections of home styles, ranging from craftsman to modern varieties. The diverse home composition adds to King’s charm, which serves as a major drawer for home buyers. This area projected to experience rapid market growth in the coming years, and Portland Monthly anticipates a 5-year median price change of 51.1%. Home to over 6,500 people, 50% of King residents own their homes.



This is our stopping ground! We love living and working in this neighborhood. Located along a prominent throughway, King provides direct access to several of Portland’s prominent eateries and neighboring districts. Its centrally-located nature makes it one of the best neighborhoods to commute from, earning a Walk Score of 90 and a bike score of 98. Of course, residents don’t need to commute far to have most of their needs met. Portland’s King Neighborhood has over 125 restaurants, and individuals can walk to an average of 7 restaurants, bars and coffee shops within 5 minutes.



Food: Ned Ludd, Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant, Bamboo Sushi, Tin Shed
Activities: King Farmer’s Market, Alberta Street Pub, Curious Comedy
Local Business: Living Room Realty  – Office of Aryne + Dulcinea (Come on in and say hi!), Frock Boutique, Country Financial, Modern Domestic, Terrell Brandon Barbershop



Residents: 6,149
Median Age: 32.8
Under 18 years: 18.4%
18 to 64 years: 75.9%
65 years and over: 6.7%



Average Home: $556,000

Average Home: $538,800

Average Home: $752,097


For more insight into neighborhood trends within Northeast Portland, view our comprehensive real estate data set below.




Portland, Oregon is a quirky, intelligent, and a design oriented city with a love of all things local. And for Aryne + Dulcinea, Portland is home! In 2012, Aryne and Dulcinea saw an opportunity to turn their passion for Portland and living well into an optimal client experience. By joining both their creative and technical talents, they have developed a unique and holistic experience that is rooted in their commitment to service. Aryne + Dulcinea are Earth Advantage Brokers and ADU Certified Specialists and with over 15 years combined experience, take pride in their knowledge of versatile work/live spaces, green building, and high performing homes.  Whether you are outgrowing your home, needing to pare down, ready to own more than one property, or just wanting another view out your window — they get it!

Aryne + Dulcinea

Earth Advantage & ADU Specialist Brokers

Click here to get to know Aryne + Dulcinea! As full-service agents with over 17 years of dynamic experience, Aryne + Dulcinea understand how to navigate the unique challenges facing the Portland real estate market. The secret to their success lies in their complementary skill sets. In 2012, Aryne + Dulcinea saw an opportunity to combine their creative and technical wisdom to create a values-driven, full-service agency unlike any other. As expert negotiators and project management mavens with strong backgrounds in creative marketing, Aryne + Dulcinea serve as fierce advocates for their clients. Their passion for real estate relates closely to their commitment to the Portland way of life, which entails a dedication to sustainability and appreciation for all things local. As Earth Advantage Brokers and ADU Certified Specialists, Aryne + Dulcinea are savvy in all aspects of alternative living practices—from versatile housing additions, green building practices, and revenue-generating strategies. Over the course of their professional partnership, Aryne + Dulcinea have helped nearly 200 clients prosper in their new lives. During this time, they have prided themselves on their top-notch selling abilities, with homes outperforming market standards, consistently exceeding list price while most of their listings sell in under 7 days. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Aryne & Dulcinea will work in collaboration to guide you in investing in your future and reaching you real estate goals.
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