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Realtors Move Too!

By Kristin Winter, December 27, 2018

Hello Friends,

I am moving to Boulder, Colorado!  My husband, Chris, was offered the incredible opportunity to lead the Access Fund (a non-profit climbing and conservation advocacy group) located there.  As a family, we are just thrilled to see our longtime dream of living in the mountains come true!  We are in the middle of buying a home 5 miles outside of Boulder in the foothills of the Rockies. 

It has been fun and educational to be on the other side of things as a buyer.  Man, tough stuff!  But so exciting to go through the process and have the home on the other side be our dream come true.  Now I know how all of you feel!

Our New Home

As we speak, I am transitioning my business over to my trusted and amazing partner Kris Vogt.  I will be licensed in Oregon until May 1st and will be splitting my time between Boulder and Portland during that time.  When I am not physically here in Oregon, Kris will be here to help you.  We will work as a transparent team in constant communication about each special client, so rest assured I will absolutely be there the whole time to help guide the process.  After that, I plan to continue in the role I love as a realtor in Colorado.  I am very much looking forward to exploring a whole new market and can’t wait to learn all about mountain homes!

Kris is a native Oregonian with a love for adventure and a sharp mind.  I will truly miss working with her day to day.  Here are some words from Kris:

I was lucky to meet Kristin after joining the Living Room family last year, where we discovered not only are we neighbors (8 houses down) but we share the same passions from our taste in music, absolute love of the outdoors and eating and drinking our way through Portland.  I’m sad to see her go but happy to continue our working relationship though spring and then I’ll just have to go visit!

A little about me, I’m a Portland native who has left a few times but something about Portland and the Pacific Northwest always brings me back.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  I love all this city has to offer from the restaurants to the music scene and Columbia River Gorge in our backyard!  The view of Mt. Hood and St. Helens still takes my breath away.  I have lived in all corners of this city and know what each area has to offer.  I look forward to the opportunity to meet and work with many of you.  Happy Holidays!!

Isn’t she just amazing?

My new  email will be  For now I will keep the same phone number (503.803.2521) … and, please, if you know anyone wanting to buy or sell a home in Boulder pass my name along.

Thank you for all the trust and support over the years,

Kristin Winter

Earth Advantage Broker

The short(ish) story:  Growing up, I had two parents with an obsession with “fixers.” My mom was an artist and my dad was an engineer. They would find a house and make it a home. Then, my dad would be transferred for work, making them inadvertent flippers. The first time they tried this I was 9 ~ I cried when I saw the house. But by the time we moved, the 200 year old farm house in rural Pennsylvania had been transformed to it’s former splendor with things such as a walk-in fireplace with a bread oven in the kitchen, a restored spring-house, an attic redesigned as a “kids only” playhouse, and a working barn. It was pretty magical. This childhood has given me a passion for homes and a deep understanding of what makes a house a home. I pull from both my father’s “logical” engineer’s brain and my mother’s ability to turn whimsical dreams into reality. I love immersing myself in homes and getting to know my clients as unique people in order to make their dreams come true, whether they are buying or selling.
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