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San Juans to Southwest

By Rachel Kuhmann, October 31, 2018

My clients moved to Portland from the San Juan Islands. 

They loved their home in the San Juans and the island lifestyle that they had but thought as long as they were moving they might as well make a big change.  So they started searching for something a little unique (converted library anyone) and really close to downtown for a bit of city life.  They rented for a while as they looked, and they found they were really loving hanging out in Hillsdale and Multnomah Village.  So on a whim they decided to look at a remodeled daylight ranch near Gabriel Park.  It wasn’t at all what they expected to want, but the kids fell in love!  There was a cute wooden playhouse in the backyard, the friendliest kitty named Mimi always hanging about, and their friends from school lived in the neighborhood.  They started thinking about how nice it would be to have the park (and dog park) nearby and be able to head into the Village so easily and it was a done deal.

Wishing them the best of luck on their new journey!

Rachel Kuhmann


Born in South Carolina and having moved extensively as a child, Rachel’s family spent some time in the greater Portland area before she was old enough to determine for herself where she wanted to live. When time came to settle in somewhere, Portland felt like home. More than twenty years later and she swears she’ll never move away. Rachel loves the area so much that she once sent a five page “must do” list of sites and activities to a co-worker visiting Portland from Kansas City; it included everything from Bend to the Coast! The moving bug was hard to kick however, which has resulted in her having lived in many different areas of the city and loving each one for the unique experiences it has to offer. Her first apartment at age nineteen was close-in on Belmont and will always hold a special spot in her heart. The neighborhoods of Overlook, Hillsdale, John’s Landing and her current residence in the Arnold Creek area are favorites as well. What Rachel really loves about Portland is that there is something for everyone. Are you after the convenience of city living with amenities at your door? It can be found in Portland in abundance. Looking for a bit of land but still want to be close to the city? That too can be found. Whatever your notion of the ideal home is, it can be found here. Rachel has always loved helping people, especially transplants, find the right fit in Portland. Who wouldn’t want to show off all that the city has to offer? It wasn’t until recently that she realized she could do it as a career and she’s loving it! When not exploring neighborhoods and helping clients find their perfect fit, Rachel often partakes in all the wonderful hiking that is so accessible to residents of the area and occasionally even takes her big lazy dog on the shorter trips. Another favorite activity… wine tasting of course! She’s not even above combining the two activities… it’s important to hydrate right?
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