Blog Stories Pro Tip: How to Sell Your Home in Time for Peak Market Prices

Pro Tip: How to Sell Your Home in Time for Peak Market Prices

By Aryne + Dulcinea, April 30, 2018

The Portland real estate market is kicking into full gear as hopeful buyers continue to drive demand. With the busy season continuing through the spring and summer months, there is still enough time for prospective sellers to market their homes in time for the sector’s top-performing weeks. If you’re hoping to make a move this summer, these tips will help you secure more profits from your investment.

Call in the Experts

Before diving in on repair and remodeling projects, contact Aryne + Dulcinea to guide you through the process.

– They have experience in both buying and selling.

– They are tech savvy and up-to-date on the latest MLS systems and listing websites.

– Aryne + Dulcinea have connections to trustworthy inspectors and contractors.

Aryne + Dulcinea will be your negotiators, advocates and gurus, with the experience and soft skills to best serve you.

To Remodel, or Not to Remodel?

Many sellers debate the pros and cons of remodeling prior to selling their home. While putting in elbow grease will increase the value of your property, smaller projects are generally a more secure investment, as they typically require less cash and yield higher returns. Before tearing down walls and remodeling your living spaces, take on these weekend DIY projects to increase your homes desirability.

Curb Appeal: Creating a welcoming exterior should be at the top of your to-do list. The outside of your home is prominently displayed across real estate sites and will be doing a lot of the heavy-lifting when it comes to getting buyers to view the property. First impressions are critical, so clear out your yard and add in some landscaping to warm things up. To get even more out of your home’s façade, consider modernizing your front door and any visible garage doors.

Paint & Flooring: Another key influencer in buyer perception is the appearance of your floors and walls. Keep in mind that potential buyers want to visualize their future in your space. Freshly painted walls and clean floors play a critical role in this process, as scuffs and stains distract from their internal narrative. In our 15 years of combined experience, we’ve never come across a property which couldn’t benefit from a fresh coat of paint and restored flooring!

Kitchen Updates: It’s been said that in selling your home, you’re actually selling your kitchen. Many prospective buyers prioritize a home’s kitchen in their decision to put in an offer, making it one of the most important areas of your home to focus on. Of course, no hopeful seller should go above their means to perform a large-scale remodel project in the hopes of a big payout. Instead, a few minor tweaks such as painted cabinets with modern hardware, new lighting fixtures, laminate floors, or selected appliance upgrades can create a ‘WOW’ effect without busting your budget. In fact, adding even one high-end appliance has shown to improve overall perception of the kitchen, as it also raises the perceived value of the remaining appliances.

With a few weekend DIY projects and the consultation of Aryne + Dulcinea, you can have your house on the market just in time for peak-season prices. To learn more about selling homes contact us today!

Aryne + Dulcinea

Earth Advantage & ADU Specialist Brokers

Click here to get to know Aryne + Dulcinea! As full-service agents with over 17 years of dynamic experience, Aryne + Dulcinea understand how to navigate the unique challenges facing the Portland real estate market. The secret to their success lies in their complementary skill sets. In 2012, Aryne + Dulcinea saw an opportunity to combine their creative and technical wisdom to create a values-driven, full-service agency unlike any other. As expert negotiators and project management mavens with strong backgrounds in creative marketing, Aryne + Dulcinea serve as fierce advocates for their clients. Their passion for real estate relates closely to their commitment to the Portland way of life, which entails a dedication to sustainability and appreciation for all things local. As Earth Advantage Brokers and ADU Certified Specialists, Aryne + Dulcinea are savvy in all aspects of alternative living practices—from versatile housing additions, green building practices, and revenue-generating strategies. Over the course of their professional partnership, Aryne + Dulcinea have helped nearly 200 clients prosper in their new lives. During this time, they have prided themselves on their top-notch selling abilities, with homes outperforming market standards, consistently exceeding list price while most of their listings sell in under 7 days. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Aryne & Dulcinea will work in collaboration to guide you in investing in your future and reaching you real estate goals.
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