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The Chronology of a First Time Homebuyer

By Nichole Connelly, January 30, 2019

  1. Find your agent: Agent gets a phone call around 8 pm but didn’t see the missed call until 9:32. Respectfully shoots a text stating “I’m just now seeing the missed call and will call first thing in the morning”. 9:34 client says they can talk now. 9:36 agent calls new client back and proceeds to answer a slew of questions for the next hour
  2. Get your first batch of listings from your realtor: With such a generous footprint, and solid budget.. there were a lot
  3. Respond to your agent with homes you want to see on Saturday: 12 of them….
  4. Get a feel of what you like and don’t like: Bouncing from $200k-$500k… all over the place.. New and used, getting dazed and confused
  5. Start to feel the anxiety of a timeline: Have to find a home and move within about 4 weeks
  6. Wonder if you’re doing the right thing: OMG OMG OMG… are we seriously adulting right now
  7. Deflation: We found a house we love, someone else loved it faster than us, back up position, don’t have time for that
  8. Back to the drawing board: 734957 more houses
  9. Found one! Love it: Let’s sleep on it
  10. Never mind don’t love it: See it for the 3rd time and decide no thanks
  11. Do we love it?: Want to see it again
  12. We don’t love it: (Let it go, Elsa)
  13. Back to the drawing board: Several more days of full day and night showings
  14. These floors?: Finding the creaking noise is now a top priority in every home
  15. We want a house with a yard: Gardening and space is important to us
  16. We want a townhouse: Low maintenance
  17. We want a house: But yard work is hard and cumbersome
  18. We want that townhouse we saw the first day: Agent creates offer
  19. WAIT!: We want to see it again, hmm it doesn’t have a yard
  20. Go see it again: Ok, yeah we like it
  21. Inspection period: Scared shitless
  22. Waiting period: Scared shitless
  23. Signing day!: Scared shitless
  24. Title/deed recorded: Bye bye money
  25. Get your keys!
  26. #TownHouseForTheWin #NoYard

Nichole Connelly


Driven, passionate and all done with a sense of humor. Nichole’s love for people will shine through the moment you meet her. With almost 15 years in the finance industry, she not only knows the in and outs of lending, affordability and marketing; she has a solid understanding of how to blend aggressive negotiations with kindness to get the optimal result for her clients. An Oregonian native- Nichole grew up in the Willamette valley, went to college in Eugene and finished up here in Portland in 2004. Her love for unique architecture and the joy in finding “the perfect home” logically led her to becoming a Realtor. Nichole prides herself on representing individuals and families from all walks of life, and is passionate to create an equal opportunity- especially when buying a home. From starter homes, to investment properties- her attention to detail, experience, quick response time and genuine desire to please her clients will be a continued asset to both sides of the sales process. If Nichole isn’t plugging away at work, she can be found with playing with the family's pups Bentley and Harlow, cooking for friends, or scouting out Portland’s unique restaurants for great happy hour. Her goals are to some day own a boutique winery and travel the areas of the world she has not yet seen.
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