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When in St Johns

By Eldridge Huntington, March 5, 2018

Take a ride up Greeley avenue heading north to Rosa Parks. Take a left and continue onto Willamette BLVD. As you drive through University park on your way to St Johns you will see on your right are large stately homes. Tudors, Colonial, Sprawling ranches with exquisitely manicured lawns. On your left is Swan Island, and a view of the forest park set above downtown that is unmatched. Before you get to the University of Portland you will see a large blue Victorian that sits at the edge of Columbia Park. This is the John Mock home. Continue pass the University over the train tracks and into east St Johns. The homes becoming more modest. These are the homes of the people who worked the ports and helped make St Johns what it is today. Beyond Richmond st you take a dip down underneath the Historic St Johns bridge. One of the most iconic and famous bridges in Portland. Prior to the bridge there was a ferry that carried vehicles, people and goods across the river. The Original ferry was started and operated by a man named James John. James John was the man who settled this area and gave the township his name in 1865.

Since 1865 St Johns officially became a part of Portland. Labor disputes, fires, riots and evolving industries took it’s toll on the once thriving township. St Johns has always been home to the hard working folks who work the yards and warehouses along the Willamette and Columbia river. Take a seat at the bar at Slims one early morning and you won’t feel like much has changed in last 50 years until you walk outside and see a neighborhood that is transforming from what it once was into one of Portland trendiest neighborhoods. 5 years ago the neighborhood was depressed. Needles on the sidewalk, Homeless sleeping in door ways, broken car windows and dilapidated housing were common to see. Now a revitalized movie theatre, Vegan BBq, Beer and wine shops, gift shops, Coffee shops and restaurants have taken their place. You can still feel the history that has taken place here and sometimes you can still hear the stories told first hand by a few of the long time residents. The Small town now Portland neighborhood isn’t done with its story. The truly interesting and unique still call this home.

When in St Johns be sure to keep this history in mind when you walk past all of the shops, baby strollers, Young suburban urbanites and funky fashion forward folks. Be sure to make you way down to Cathedral Park to the banks of the Willamette. Enjoy a beer from Occidental Brewing or time it so you catch some great jazz at Jazz fest. Take a picture of the bridge while you’re down there as it is one of the most famous bridges in the country. Keep your head up and talk to people because the real gem of this neighborhood are the people and their stories. Enjoy St Johns.

Eldridge Huntington


My name is Eldridge D Huntington III: a name I’m very proud to have even if it doesn’t exactly fit my personality. My family and friends call me JR. It’s a long story, but the short answer to the short name is Dallas. I was born in Fargo, raised in Detroit, lived in Chicago for 11 years, and now I’m truly home in Portland. Real estate was not my first career. I studied film at Columbia College. Although I was more interested in cinematography I found I was better suited as a Producer. Assembling and managing crews, scheduling, accounting and being a part of a project from the idea to the time it hits the screen was extremely fulfilling. After 7 years of producing I began working in the art department creating, designing and bringing sets to life.  I worked on Major motion pictures like Nightmare on Elm street, Public Enemies, Time travelers wife, Wild, Grimm and Librarians. With a background in design and long history of managing multiple high level projects I have found a perfect balance as a Realtor. I love multi-tasking, working with a team to pull off amazing feats and using an analytical approach creatively. I moved to Portland in 2009 with my wife Gina. We currently live in the Portsmouth neighborhood with our two daughters, Estelle and Etta. We purchased our first family home in 2011. We found a little yellow bungalow with a cedar fence and fell deeply in love with it at first sight. We attempt to be gardeners in the summer and rehab addicts during the winter. Most of my spare time is well spent making memories with these wonderful people and working on the house. My favorite things about Portland are the access to natural beauty, outstanding food, the kind and adventurous people and the beer.
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